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Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION Ultimate Preparation Tips for CS Exam 2021

Best CS Coaching Classes

https://cseetcoaching.com/about-us/ Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

ARA EDUCATION is the best cs coaching class provider in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. Since 2003 ARA EDUCATION is an exclusive academy for cs course of ICSI.ARA EDUCATION is launched exclusively for all three levels of CS. ARA EDUCATION is proud to have a perfect combination of successful, well-known faculty members and experienced, equally dynamic CS Professionals. ARA EDUCATION has been founded to the best possible training to realize your ambition to be a successful Company Secretary at an early age. ARA EDUCATION has gained a large volume of students since 2003 as a top pioneer Institute specialised in CS coaching in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

Here are some of the highlights of our CS (ACS) Coaching Centre in Coimbatore Tamilnadu:


Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

  1. We are the No: 1 CS (ACS) Coaching Centre in Coimbatore Tamilnadu with the top results.
  2. In addition to the regular curriculum, we also conduct soft skill and personality development programmes.
  3. We assist students to get Article training ship & also job placement on campus
  4. We conduct regular study circle meetings with the day today updations.
  5. We provide a good library facility and Wi-Fi campus. Our CS (ACS) Training Centre in Coimbatore
  6. Tamilnadu is the best in class in the country.
  7. Special and individual attention is our added attraction.

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

Leading Renowned and Best Result oriented Team Under One Roof.

The basic reason for joining any institute is the best result by the best faculty and systematic guidance and ARA EDUCATION Classes provide the same systematic guidance and environment for study to students.

How To Prepare For CS Exam?

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) provides training to candidates aspiring to pursue CS. The programs impacted by ICSI at three levels are as follows:


To prepare appropriately for the CS exam, you should know the CS EXAM TIMETABLE. It is better to prepare in six months. You have to give proper effort to achieve a better result. So you have to do long preparation for the CS exam to taste the sweetest outcome from it.

  • Company Secretary Official Site: www.icsi.edu

Here we are providing a thorough guide on how to prepare for CS EXAM 2021. So you can prepare for the Company Secretary exam 2020-2021 in a better way.

Ultimate Preparation Tips For Company Secretary Course Exam

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

Here, we have provided ultimate preparation tips to clear Company Secretary Exam 2020-2021. You have to utilize six months wisely. Find your weaknesses and convert them into your strength! That will boost your confidence level.

Ultimate 6 Months of CS Preparation Tips

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION https://cseetcoaching.com/about-us/

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

Experts and previous year toppers have revealed that it is better to start preparations before six months before the exam commencement date. You will get enough time to cover all the topics in detail. If you work diligently in this period, you will able to crack the CS exam 2020-2021.

  • First 2 months – Study every topic in detail and create a thorough concept. Try to cover difficult issues first. It will help you to clear all doubts related to those topics before the exam.
  • 3rd & 4th month – after completion of study materials and books, it’s time to solve sample papers. So that you will have a better understanding and rough idea about the real exam.
  • Last two months – It’s time for revisions! Revise all topics from each of the four papers. Invest at least 2-3 hours per day. If you are not confident enough about learning a new concept, at the last minute, then don’t do it!

Prepare for CS Exam with the ultimate tips as mentioned below:

1- Know Your CS Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Best NO 1CS Coaching Institute-ARA EDUCATION

If you want to prepare for CS exam, then you should know the CS exam pattern and the latest CS syllabus. For example, If you are preparing for CS Foundation Program, you should know that there are four papers in the exam for the Foundation Program.

The paper comprises of questions from the following topics:- English and Business Communication, Economics and Statistics, Financial Accounting and Elements of Business Laws and Management.

You get 100 questions without any negative marking. You have to secure a minimum of 40% marks on each paper and 50% marks in aggregate, including all subjects to pass the exam.

2- Make A Timetable

Make a proper timetable to cover all the topics, if you want to prepare for CS exam. Start with a complicated topic first and try to develop a base as possible as you can. By doing so, you can easily create a depth concept on that topic. It will also help you to score better in the final exam.

3. Prepare With Best CS Study Materials

You to prepare for CS exam 2020-2021 with the best study materials. We are providing the best study materials so you can prepare better for the CS exam 2020-2021.

You can develop depth and thorough concepts by studying these CS study materials.

Crack The Exam Easily and Chase Your Dream

4. Practice Previous Year Question Papers

The previous year’s papers are quintessential and should be strictly paid attention to prepare for CS Exam. Sometimes, similar questions repeat in the exams. So, practice last year’s papers, it will help you a lot to get that feeling of how the questions with the same concept can be molded into different forms.

5. Find A Better Coaching For Company Secretary Exam

Find a better coaching class so that you can learn the advanced level concept. If you are preparing for the foundation program, then you do self-preparation. But for CS executive and CS professional level, it is better to enroll in a coaching institute.

6. Stay Focused

You have to stay calm and motivated every time. Always stay focused and better utilize the time. Follow your timetable and be determined to continue it. Stay away from procrastination.

7. Solve More CS Practice Papers

Try to solve more objective papers every day. It will help you to know the pattern of the question paper. It will also boost your speed and even help you to develop time management skills.