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Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes

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Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes

Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes ARA EDUCATION best cs coaching class provider in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. Since 2003 ARA EDUCATION is an exclusive academy for cs course of ICSI.ARA EDUCATION is launched exclusively for all three levels of CS.

ARA EDUCATION is proud to have a perfect combination of successful, well-known faculty members and experienced, equally dynamic CS Professionals. ARA EDUCATION has been founded to the best possible training to realize your ambition to be a successful Company Secretary at an early age. ARA EDUCATION has gained a large volume of students since 2003 as a top pioneer Institute specialised in CS coaching in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.


Here are some of the highlights of our CS (ACS) Coaching Centre in Coimbatore Tamilnadu:

Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes

  1. We are the No: 1 CS (ACS) Coaching Centre in Coimbatore Tamilnadu with the top results.
  2. In addition to the regular curriculum, we also conduct soft skill and personality development programmes.
  3. We assist students to get Article training ship & also job placement on campus
  4. We conduct regular study circle meetings with the day today updations.
  5. We provide a good library facility and Wi-Fi campus. Our CS (ACS) Training Centre in Coimbatore
  6. Tamilnadu is the best in class in the country.
  7. Special and individual attention is our added attraction.

Being a venturing stone within the travel of being a certified proficient, the Company Secretary course may be a three-year program advertised by a statutory body named, Founded of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). It is nearly comparable to other proficient programs like ICWA course, CA, etc and comprises of three stages, the qualification of which changes agreeing to the qualifications of the candidate. These levels are to be specific, Establishment Program, Executive Programme and Proficient Program. To pass these stages, the candidates got to go through a thorough exam conducted by ICSI. As it were the effective candidates get certified as a company secretary and can at that point work in high-paying jobs. 

 If you’re aspiring to climb the corporate step as quick as you’ll be, able at that point this course is fair the one for you! Through this web journal, we’ll give you with all the miniature subtle elements almost the CS course and what it involves.

Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes

https://www.araeducation.in/cs-cseet-cs-executive-cs-final-coaching-center-classes-institute Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes

Who Can Apply For CS Course?

For pursuing the CS course, the regulating body ICSI has set certain guidelines and eligibility criteria for the students according to the level of educational qualification they have achieved. Following is the stage-wise breakup of the eligibility parameters:  

  • For the senior secondary school level students who have completed their 10+2 years of studies in any discipline except fine arts have to clear all the three stages. Starting from the Foundation Programme and going up to Executive and Professional Programmes, the candidates with this level of education need to clear all the stages to pursue the CS course. 
  • For the graduate candidates, who have completed their bachelors in any discipline except fine arts are exempted to appear for the foundational program and need to clear the two stages of the CS course namely, Executive Programme and Professional Programme.

Note: The graduate candidates can pursue the professional program only when they clear the Executive level of the CS course. 

Best NO 1 Ara Education for cs coaching classes

Syllabus for CS Course

After knowing the basics of the CS course, let us dive deep into what would you study throughout the journey of the program, based on the stage you are in. Given below is the stage-wise list of prominent modules and subjects covered under each program: 

Foundation Programme

This basic level of the CS course typically contains 4 papers, namely-

  1. Business Environment and Law
  2. Business Management, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship
  3. Business Economics
  4. Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

Executive Programme

This is the second stage after the Foundation program which imparts a comparatively advanced knowledge of concepts covered in the 1st level of the CS course. Having 8 papers and 2 modules covering 4 subjects each, the table below enlists the subjects the students will cover: 

Module 1(4 papers)Module 2(4 papers)
1. Jurisprudence, Interpretation And General Laws
2. Company Law
3. Setting Up Of Business
4. Entities And Closure
5. Tax Laws
1. Corporate And Management Accounting
2. Securities Laws And Capital Markets
3. Economic, Business And Commercial Laws
4. Financial And Strategic Management

Professional Programme

The last and the most challenging stage of the CS course, the Professional program, contains 9 papers and 3 modules, each covering 3 papers. While the first 8 papers are compulsory, the 9th is an elective wherein the students can choose a subject of their choice from a list of 8 options:

Module 1:

  1. Governance, Risk Management, Compliances And Ethics
  2. Advanced Tax Laws
  3. Drafting, Pleading And Appearances

Module 2:

  1. Secretarial Audit
  2. Corporate Restructuring
  3. Resolution Of Corporate Disputes

Module 3:

  1. Corporate Funding And Listing In Stock Exchanges
  2. Multi-disciplinary Case Studies
  3. [choose 1 out of the list of 8 below written subjects]
Direct Tax Law And PracticeLabour Laws And Practice
Valuations And Business ModellingInsolvency- Law And Practice
Forensic AuditInsurance Law And Practice
Banking Law And PractiseIntellectual Property Rights- Laws And Practices

What are the qualifying marks for the CS course certification?

Once enrolled in the CS course, the candidate is required to secure a minimum of 40% in each paper and at least 50% aggregate in all subjects of Foundation/Executive/Professional program in order to be certified for the CS course.

What is the medium of examination?

The ICSI allows the students pursuing the CS course to take the examination in either in English or Hindi languages, except for the Business Communication subject taught in the Foundation program.